100 logo design projects

The logo design is a talented work. A message / target for a small symbol is a need of talent and creativity. A logo is the unique identity of a company. All designers can not be a designer logo because a logo designer. Should have a strong knowledge of colors, digital images. We can find many creative logo designs. Today we have established a good logo design.

My personal logo design symbol

Google redesigned it’s logo

G for Gladiator

VA monogram


Iceberg logo design

Petroleum Company

viaMail / via Mail

Travel Agency

Dynamic logo design

ego-alterego.com logo design

Web hosting company

Fidelity hearing center


Logo design mark exploration: S letter, sea, waves. 


Multimedia agency

42889654592853.596227940e23b.png (800×300)

DB construction letter mark

e1b94d54592853.596234f445932.gif (800×300)


30 shades of monkey

Dream it

Iceberg, logo design 

Letter D + cube, an isometric exploration


S in negative space formed by 2 N letters

Dynamic visual exploration

Logo for children genetics research program

Big-hearted M logo design

Beast / monster character

K, colorful letter mark

BeatBat Music

logo design symbol

Logo design for a new app

Logo mark exploration

Logo design symbol

Logo design symbol created for WebArchitecten

Logo design for Dynamic Dust

Logo design for IcebergTech

Explorations and variations

S line art letter mark

Logo design symbol exploration for an interior design

A phoenix bird

9e704b54592853.5962279415ba0.png (800×300)

Logo design proposal for a new chain of gas stations, Oilitus.

216ce254592853.5962279413120.png (800×300)

Working on a mindfulness project with a name that starts with M

c1f3d954592853.5962279414f6b.gif (800×300)

R letter mark: dots / points / circles, logo design

d8a6c054592853.596227941570c.gif (400×300)

Heart beating, logo design symbol proposal for a premium dating website.

2aa5ff54592853.5962279414501.jpg (800×300)

Logo design for Go Zebra, a truck rental / moving company. Work done in collaboration with Deividas Bielskis

c9d48a54592853.596248b14f7ae.gif (800×300)

Logo design proposal for BlueBoard

4246fb54592853.5962279413e08.jpg (800×300)

E for events logo design symbol

e6c4c654592853.596248b14fc98.gif (800×300)

A straightforward arrow and a plane

bb890254592853.5962279414c8f.gif (800×300)

A small collection of geometric map pin pointers

ce094554592853.596227941665f.jpg (800×300)

A geometric heart for Digital Love logo design symbol.

e7dfc154592853.59622794169e5.jpg (800×300)

Logo design symbol, a modern / tech, abstract, geometric monkey.

5793bd54592853.596227941af1a.gif (800×300)

S letter mark explorations

050ffc54592853.5962279416cad.gif (400×300)

Logo design for BeatBatMusic

a8e47f54592853.5962279417019.gif (400×300)

B, bow and arrow, letter mark / logo design symbol.

469bcd54592853.59622794174da.png (800×300)

Fixit, ambigram logotype / word mark / logo design

7e953554592853.5962279417a8e.jpg (800×300)

An abstract geometric Z letter mark

51b66554592853.5962279417d52.png (800×300)

GS monogram + globe icons + scanning radar

a0194f54592853.5962279419fd2.png (800×300)

G / radar / letter mark / logo design symbol

3b2bee54592853.5962279419b43.gif (400×300)

Logo design symbol, a modern / tech

7c5f9e54592853.5962279418091.gif (400×300)

A logo design symbol exploration for a project regarding youth and energy

f14c5354592853.5962279418436.jpg (800×300)

Letter mark / logo design symbol based on stairs and letter Z created for a homes / houses related project.

be028a54592853.59622794187a7.jpg (800×300)

Experimental / for fun logo design

9be1ad54592853.5962279418c2c.gif (800×300)

Logo design symbol proposal for a premium dating website

31767a54592853.5962279418fc0.jpg (800×300)

Video play icon + speech chat bubble

2395e754592853.59622794192a6.jpg (800×300)

Monogram based on the C letter and cubes for an interior design company

ac15b354592853.59622794195e6.jpg (800×300)

Logo design symbol showing an organic

0f967554592853.59622794198a5.png (800×300)

B, geometric letter mark, logo design symbol

b254a154592853.596227941ab7b.gif (400×300)

Logo design symbol proposal for a games developer studio Red Fish.

5184f454592853.596227941b6c3.gif (800×300)

Geometric S letter 

df38a154592853.596227941b994.jpg (800×300)

Stacked logo design

76f15d54592853.596227941a2aa.png (800×300)

Abstract geometric construction showing the letter A.

bb9b1754592853.596227941a571.png (800×300)

Logo design for Eventfull

T, traveling, dots, paths

f817d654592853.596227941bd12.jpg (800×300)

Logo design symbol proposal for MakeAble

dd83bb54592853.596227942251e.jpg (800×300)

61cb9854592853.596227941c090.gif (800×300)

Experimental particles / dynamic particles D monogram

b65a1754592853.5962279420c0a.jpg (800×300)

Colorful star constructed based on the letter A

a7e32f54592853.596227941c6bb.png (800×300)

stylized alternative energy symbol

09b87454592853.596227941d05a.jpg (800×300)

A cute dog smiling happy that I have created as the logo design symbol for a pets lover project.

37e5ac54592853.596227941ca56.jpg (800×300)

An experimental monogram focused on a dynamic spinning S letter

b7f8a354592853.5962279421f27.png (800×300)

A logo redesign of a play / explode icon.

95931754592853.596227941d330.png (800×300)

Geometric monogram logo design symbol

3c353a54592853.596227941d68c.png (800×300)

Logo design symbol created for an online web application

18c95654592853.596227941dc3b.jpg (800×300)

Proposal created for a veterinary hospital.

5194b354592853.596248b14ffc2.gif (800×300)

Clones / Clone Find

71853954592853.596227941e392.jpg (800×300)

B letter mark / geometric shapes

7a04d554592853.596227941e84e.png (800×300)

A colorful cup, logo design symbol

7aad0c54592853.596248b14f452.gif (800×300)

BM monogram

4c874254592853.5962279422801.png (800×300)

Exploration for the logo design symbol

0a577354592853.596227941ef7d.gif (800×300)

Logo design project for DriveGolf

12b88a54592853.596227941f5a3.jpg (800×300)

Abstract, geometric, EC monogram

a025cb54592853.596227941f89b.jpg (800×300)

Logo design for Beyond The Cloud

7001aa54592853.596227941febb.jpg (800×300)

D – experimental colorful letter mark

4d6ddd54592853.5962279420180.png (800×300)

E letter mark, a logo design symbol

9286c454592853.5962279420609.jpg (800×300)

A letter mark based on the letter 

90240354592853.5962279420fcb.png (800×300)

Another geometric / warping lines exploration for an S letter mark 

53cab854592853.5962279421bc3.gif (400×300)

Logo design proposal for Nodelizer

226ba554592853.59622794215db.jpg (800×300)

Experimental logo design concept for 38° degrees.

13144a54592853.5962279422a99.gif (400×300)

The best marketing content for marketers to view

afa8f254592853.5962279422d4a.jpg (800×300)

ZeroPark offers an alternative method of monetizing domain traffic



Thomas is a Sr.Web Designer and Front End Web developer.He is crazy about new designs and up to date with the latest technology trends.He is a regular blogger on WDauthor.com

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