17 Facebook Redesign Concepts

Facebook is the largest and fastest community in recent years. The background book is not just for sharing photos or chatting, but also provides great potential for business, education, shopping, lifestyle and so on.

In today’s post, we have shown the Facebook Redesign Concepts, which we believe you love it. Here are 17 design concepts for talented designers.

Facebook Redesign Concepts


Facebook OS X ~ Freebies Vol.2 by Lorenzo Bocchi


Facebook Redesign by Eyal Zuri


Facebook streaming application concept by Yury Smirnov for Awesomed


Facebook in material design by uixNinja


Facebook Newsfeed Redesign 2016 by Tyler Treadwell


Social Media app redesign by Diana Malewicz for HYPE4


Facebook 2.0 by Marcelo Silva


Facebook Redesign by Masum Parvej


Daily Design 012 — Facebook Feed Redesign Concept by Mackenzie Child


Facebook News Feed Redesign by Matt Eads


Facebook Insights Redesign by Amit Keren — Loopim


Daily Design 015 — Facebook Profile Page by Mackenzie Child


Apple Facebook by advin roy netto


Post Facebook redesign by Eddy Dezuraud


Facebook App Redesign Concept by Michal Kozina


Facebook goes material. by James Bergen Plummer


Facebook — New Look & Concept by Fred Nerby



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