18+ Awesome About Page Designs for Inspiration

In terms of the “About” pages, some websites seem to neglect and sometimes even neglect your designs for some reason. Well, I think this site is important because people are curious about who is behind such an attractive website with a great homepage.

Website designers must be careful about their “About Me” page as if it were their homepage. It is useless to fill them with praiseworthy information if the design is inappropriate.

Your About page serves as a portfolio or resume and you are a designer. With this personalized page you will stand out from the crowd and I do not react too much here. I saw many “About us” bad sites, although the rest of the site was pretty impressive. One thing you should not do is leave a job without doing it, right?

We have selected a number of “over” page designs that we think are very nice, and we appreciate the creativity of these designers. We hope you can increase your inspiration and help you create! We also welcome your feedback and show you your “About” pages that you believe could inspire others.

About Page Designs for Inspiration

About us by Nick Buturishvili

About us by Nguyen Le

About us by Vivek Ravin

About us by Kostya Vargatiuk

About us by Sergey Pikin

About us by Ales Nesetril

About us by Dennis Cortés

About us by Masudur Rahman ( Joy )

About us by Zhenya&Artem

About us by Jady13

About us by Zihad

About us by Bohdan Kononets

About us by Masudur Rahman ( Joy )

About us by Lukas Svarc

About us by Michael Ashurst

About us by Valeria Rimkevich

About us by Vladimír Krajčovič

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