19 Low Poly Illustrations

From time to time an artistic tendency manifests itself and takes the world by a storm. There is something about the use of light, color, and shapes that really evoke people’s feelings. Well, what these feelings really depend on the person. But one thing is certain: Often a great art will strive to inspire people to create their own.

Modern polygonal art

One of the most popular trends today is called “low poly” and is actually a great way to create portraits. In the case where the term is not known to you, it is really just a polygon mesh that uses a limited number of polygons to discover some of the most famous faces of our time and history.

A look at these works of art and you can not forget to feel something like fear and wonder. After all, the only colorful polygons you observe, but what you have before you are incredibly detailed portraits of people and characters. You might think these portraits look a bit mundane and one-dimensional, but look at one of the Pharrell or Kanye West and can not really say it. Look at the portrait of Daenary’s Targaryen and you can see that she is clearly the mother of dragons, even though she consists of a limited number of polygons in a net.

The details of these things are a tribute to how their creators are talented and how skilled they are in their art. They did not pay any costs, and they made use of the low poly technique, so they remained faithful to the ship, but managed to get incredible work. For sophisticated designers who want to create portraits of low polyurethane content or those who are only looking for inspiration, these are the artworks that inspire and guide you. In fact, you can use it as a model to create portraits of other famous people or the person who deserves a more portrait – you!

The sky is really the limit with this kind of art, so excited and begins to work!

Low Poly Blue by Jona Dinges


Day And Night by Jona Dinges


Elephant by Jona Dinges


Ronin by Jona Dinges


Hydra by Timothy J. Reynolds


Low Poly Bear by Jeremiah Shaw


Rocket Animated by Joe Ski


Lighthouse in low poly world by Embody


Amrita — Infinite Skater by Jona Dinges


Frank Underwood // Low Poly Screencast by Breno Bitencourt


Eido — Infinite Skater by Jona Dinges


Island by Timothy J. Reynolds


Geo Band by Jeremiah Shaw


Landscape Studies by Timothy J. Reynolds


Hot Doggy by Danny Jones


Deer Winter edition by Lars Lundberg


Next-Gen Console War [Xbox One vs. PS4] by Timothy J. Reynolds


Weetakid Mural by Timothy J. Reynolds


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