20 Gradients Landing Page Designs

Gradients Landing Page refers to a series of transparent mixed colors that fill a space. They are commonly used to add depth, color, or metallic appearance to the object. The gradients allow harmonic transitions between the colors and create a captivating and superimposed effect that transforms an opaque side into a pleasantly attractive one. So today, in this post, I collected 20 distinctive homepages with beautiful color traces for inspiration.

Landing Page by sandeep virk


Music Streaming Apps by Ibnu Mas`ud


Boostio MainPage by Anton Avilov


Musik App by Aaron Sananes


Startup by Kostya Vargatiuk


Estimate my project by Michael Korwin


Isometric illustration by Julien Renvoye


CabrioRun by KREATIVA Studio


Social Gifting App by KREATIVA Studio


IBT Group by Sencer


landing page by uixNinja


Chatlio – Website (WIP) by Filip Justić


Terranuova by Ionut Zamfir


Captico by Divan Raj


Boom by Eddie Lobanovskiy


Freebies Day by Vijay Verma️


npmjs by Anwar Hossain


Saasler by Nestor Ramirez


IT Recruitment by Ibnu Mas`ud


Airstory Home by David Kovalev

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