30 Message interfaces

The process of designing a Message interfaces application has become more effective over time. Apple iOS policies are much easier and easier for novice designers. Likewise, Android and Windows Mobile are so easy to use and provide good examples of interface and resources.

The following user interface takes dribble designers who have created unique instant messaging chat apps. These are some of the better interfaces that should inspire mobile application designers. Whether new or experienced, every designer can find something beautiful from these mobile interface models.

30 Message interfaces

Messages by Bilal Ck for Stead


In-chat Broadcasting by Dmitry Seryukov for Redmadrobot


DataSoft Mail by Kazi Sayed Ullah


Email App — dark theme by Kamil Bachanek for 10Clouds


Messenger UI by Chapps Digital Agency


Playstation iOS App — Messages by Filip Slováček for STRV


Messages View by Mandeep Kundu


Inbox by Petras Nargėla for MezzoLab


Conversation view by Andrew Mialszygrosz for Autentika


Inbox Mobile by Petras Nargėla for MezzoLab


Messages iPhone App by Ben Bate


Linkedin messages by Grégoire Vella


Click To Check Friend’s Profile by UISTAR


Messages screen by Grégoire Vella


Messager by Suthan S.


Live camera Animation by Divan Raj


Teachable — Video Chat App by Filip Justić for Balkan Brothers


Team Chat + To Do by Iswanto Arif for Paperpillar


Chat Bot — Smart home configurator by Valentin Salmon for Évolt


iPhone X — Chat & Collection by Divan Raj


My Chat — Microinteraction by Johny vino™


Messenger — Redesign by Goutham


Business Messaging system by Johny vino™


Unused Chat App Concept by Paresh Khatri


Chat typing — Micro interaction by Johny vino™


Crugo — Dashboard — Chat and Tasks by Dwinawan for Paperpillar


Bot by Ranjith Alingal


Black is Classy by Paresh Khatri


Team Chat + To Do by Iswanto Arif for Paperpillar


#005 Chat bot Exploration — Predefined answers concept by Thomas Budiman for Hanno


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