5 Material Design Drawers Interesting and Intuitive

The drawer could be commonplace for any app and is one amongst the foremost used areas in your app. it’s important to design a drawer that’s fascinating and intuitive, giving your audience the simplest user expertise doable. There are three major concerns once coming up with an honest material design drawer: 1) animations ought to be smooth and engaging, 2) icons and texts ought to be clear and intuitive, and 3) the planning ought to be artistic and fascinating. inspect our decide of five fantastically designed, fascinating, and intuitive Material design drawers.

HallowGram Menu Animation 

Menu Animation iOS Iphone red by Sergey Shevchenko for Steelkiwi Inc.

Side Menu Animation by Dmytro Prudnikov for Yalantis

Material Drawer by Jovie Brett Bardoles

Material Design interface motion by Changen Guoo

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