6 Tools Every Designer Must Use in 2019

Designer Tools

6 Designer Tools Every Designer Must Use in 2019

Ever felt confused about entering a shop?

Yes, it happens unless you have already finalized what you want to buy.

And this is not unnatural at all. This happens with the most of us.

And when it is about the online tools, be it an accountant or a designer, everyone faces problems choosing the best online tools to facilitate their job.

And guess the reason.

The abundance of online Designer tools out there in the market. What else!

Yes, they do offer a free trial and people often tend to accept that. Still, it takes ages to figure out when one to spend money on.

But, if you are a designer, then this article is for you as here I have made up a list of tools that you do can opt for in 2019.

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The Designer Tools That Every Designer Needs To Use In 2019

Photoshop is definitely one of its kind. But you can’t deny that it is a pretty big and much complicated for a person who wants to use it for causal designing purposes.

Yes, making the fullest out of such a complicated software definitely requires a formal course. But that shouldn’t stop you from expressing creativity.

So, without waiting time anymore, let’s jump directly into the business.

  1. Dropbox

I know that a designer’s job is much related to the practice of sending and receiving files. But what if the files don’t reach the desired destination within time?

For all those designers, who felt a mild frown after imagining this situation, no need to worry, Dropbox comes to rescue.

Dropbox offers the best way to send and receive files and that too in a lightning fast and secure way.

It offers a varied range of packages with different amount of storages. Such versatility is definitely a USP and is enough to convince us to avail the free trial.

  1. Keynote

The caliber of Keynote can be guessed from the feedback of its users. It has been garnering praises from users all over the world.

And for those who don’t know what it is, let me tell you.

Keynote is a robust tool which deliberately helps sell services to clients.

Though it is only available for the iOS platform, it is quite capable of taking your presentations to the very next level.

It often comes with provided templates, though you can also customize them according to your preference. It is definitely the ultimate tool to put life in those boring PowerPoint presentations.

  1. Flipsnack

The work of a designer is often related to making brochures, ebooks, online mags etc. Such charming and colorful books do bring smiles to the faces of people.

Filesnack is such a tool that erases off the lines between the digital world and the real world.

It helps you craft interactive ebooks, brochures, flyers etc. in no time.

  1. Skitch

Pointing out something in real life seems pretty easy. Standing next to each other, all you need to do is use just point and speak. But it isn’t the same when it is about the virtual world.

Skitch lets you highlight vital areas of a text that has been published online. And it isn’t just about that.

Skitch also allows you to mark PDFs, take screenshots, add annotations as well. And the best part is, it allows you to draw things.

Truly, this tool is something that you cannot have an idea about before using it in real.

  1. Pexels

In this era of copyrights, it is tough to find out perfectly fitting images that you don’t have to pay for. And if you are looking for something similar, pexels is the place where you’ll feel like never looking back.

Pexels provide you with tons of free images and you can actually avail them paying no penny at all.

As visuals are an important part of today’s web world, pexels takes you one step ahead.

Just visit the site, type your heart out in the search bar and take away some perfectly fitting photos. It’s that simple. A simple transition from keywords to images, in short, PEXELS.

  1. Coolors

Ever faced confusion while selecting the best color scheme for your project?

If your answer is a yes, then this tool is your savior.

Coolors is a tool that equips you with virtual designers who help you get the best results.

The uber-cool color scheme generator of Coolors lets you select the best color schemes saved by experienced designers, globally. The unending list of color schemes provides you with numerous vibrant colors based on all sorts of preferences.

Use it, pic colors, export. Just an easy three-step process. Yes, it is that simple.

So what are you waiting for?

What’s Your Take?

Tools are important.

Being a designer of much caliber is not just about having a very imaginative mind but is also about executing the right tools in the proper places.

Other than that, designing might seem pretty exciting a job but in there it is pretty challenging as well. With the best tools, you can express your creative side to the fullest and visualize huge improvements in your designs.

And the Designer tools that I have spoken about, here, are definitely gonna help you showcase the best of you.

So, what do you think about these tools?

Wrapping It Up

This blog could have gone long enough to get completed as the tools available in the market are numerous. But, unfortunately, not all are that useful and giving all of them a free trial is gonna takes you ages. And sad to say but, it is pretty difficult to find out the best ones for you just by scrolling down the list of tools.

Having said that, I’d like to conclude by telling you to give these tools, mentioned above, a green signal and start working with them.

Do let us know about your experience.

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