7 Best 2D Animation Softwares For Beginners: The Ultimate List 2019!

2D animation has been around for as long as we can remember and 90s was the era where films like The Lion King and Aladdin used 2D animations for giving us some of our childhood memories. There are many who claim that 2D animations have been dead but that is not true and as beginners, you can definitely begin with 2D animations. That is also the reason that various firms also named as the best 2D animation company are still working around and blossoming.

If you are someone who interested in animations but are struggling about how to start with it, then here are few of the software that you can get to begin with.

The Pencil 2D

Beginning with The Pencil 2D that is friendly for Windows OS, Linux, and MAC OSX users it is one of the renowned software that can use. For beginners who are looking pocket-friendly ways to kick start their career, The Pencil 2D software provides you with a platform which is completely free.

With pencil and brush as one of its feature, the software let the animator experiment with their own talent and skills. This software also provides with the ways that you can apply for both bitmap and vector animation. Moreover, using this can make it easy for you to switch between your work and perform various function simultaneously. You can start now with your talent and make your position at any of the 2D animation company of your choice.

Toon Boom Harmony

Toon Boom can be clarified as all-rounder software that is best not only for those who are just but also for those who have been in the business for a long time. Some of the famous animated films by famous animation houses have been the gift of Toon Boom Harmony. With its highly developed features, it let the user create sophisticated animation and being extremely user-friendly it has become choice of many animators. However, before getting this software make sure you have enough space in your computer as it’s a heavy software.

Animation Paper

Animation Paper can be your choice if you just want to be experiential and are willing to experiment. This software is not as offering as the above two but is used by many who are just stepping in the animation world for the first time.

It can be considered as an archaic software and can be used only by Windows user but for learning purposes, it surely is a good software that will also not cost you much and can help you learn and gain initial experience before you update to better software or join a 2D animation company.


Another pick by both professionals and beginner is CelAction2D that can be used by both MAC and Windows user. This software also provides a range of features like its other competitor and can provide the animators with a platform to both experiences, learn, and test their skills. The software let the animator work with both vectors and bitmaps and along with it as an artist it let you work with the intricacy to create a unique form of animation.

Moho (Anime Studio) Pro

If Animation paper hasn’t satisfied you and you are still looking for something that isn’t heavy on your pocket but also let you kick start your dreams then Moho Pro should be your choice. It’s one of the economical yet famous software that is commonly used by various animators who are stepping into the animation business. It’s simple to use and with its wide range of features let the beginners discover and test their abilities simultaneously.

Stop Motion Studio

If you are someone who loves animation but doesn’t acquire any previous knowledge in the animation then Stop Motion Studio can help you out. Unlike other software on the list, this one lets you take the pictures and edit them accordingly to create the animation. So, if you don’t know the use of pencils and brushes there is no need to worry because you can click the pictures by connecting your camera and then work accordingly.


The last one on the list for 2019 has to be Synfig, this one is just not the software that you can have on your laptop and phones but it is also something that you can have on your phones and other portable devices. This application acquires an array of feature that let you play with various options to create the kind of animation that you would want.

Having a lot of basic animation tools Synfig is also quite light on the memory of your device, hence, can work best on all your devices. Synfig also let its wide range of user learn through the guidance and tutorial that they provide.

Bottom line!

These are the 7 best animation software that you can pick from, to begin with, animation and create something unique. A lot of these software are those which various animation companies use, hence, this year begin or polish your skills with this list to get to the top of the game!

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