Designers Inspiration Of The Day-1

Some design inspiration you need. It’s like cracking for designers. And good for you! Illustrations, application design, art, design and creativity, etc.

Elegant Kit — Project list by George Vasyagin for Awesomed

Delivery app (WIP) by Cuberto

Dream Palace by Maanoor

Fitness App AI by George Vasyagin for Awesomed

Intel All Processors by WantLine

Jaime Lannister by kelso

YOLO 2.0 by Thunder Rockets

Couch Potato by Yeah Haus

Tinder × Most Right Swiped Jobs by ccccccc

Wolf? Sheep? Wolf? sheep? by Six66kg

Ep 04 — “A Targaryen always sprays her debts” by Eran Mendel

Animal calendar / plasticine Sungjae KIM

Mohawk Maker Quarterly 11: Process by Brett Newman


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