New Google redesign concept For Designers

Nothing creates the flow of creativity absolutely like the google redesign. Re-inventing the appearance of a branded website, application, or identity can help show the product in a different light and can help you think about why certain design decisions are made.

Redesign from Google: The idea behind the design was to create an elegant user experience and a modern user interface without losing the Google style. It is just a conceptual project. All pictures in the design belong to their owners.

15 Google redesign concept

Google Search Concept by Malik


Google Redesign by Eyal Zuri


Google Search Redesign Concept Refined by Malik


Google Search Landing Conceptual by Malik


Gmail Redesign by Anastasiia


Gmail Redesign by Jon Sutherland


Google Search Results by Malik


Gmail Concept by Malik


Google Analytics by Nikola S


Google Chrome Redesign by Samuel Pickersgill


Gmail Redesign by Valentin Salmon


Google Keep by Ramil Derogongun


Gmail Retake by Alex Banaga


Google Keep — z-axis interaction by Aurélien Salomon


Gmail Redesign by Rayhanul Islam



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